Before moving to the Aspire house, I was living in a care home. During the start of the pandemic I had been in New Zealand, visiting family. This was a very confusing time for me as I was unable to return to the UK because of the Covid restrictions. The idea of spending quarantine in a care home wasn't what I needed at the time.  I wanted to see and be around friends and family, it was so stressful.

When I was initially injured, I was admitted to the Spinal Injury Centre in Stanmore where I met an Aspire Independent Advisor.  She informed me about Aspire’s services and how they could assist me on my journey back to independent living.  So, once I was ready to return from abroad, I asked my caseworker to make some enquiries with Aspire about the possibility of me and my partner moving into one of their temporary properties.

The house was fully prepared for me prior to my arrival back from New Zealand. They were so understanding and just made everything a lot easier for me, it was brilliant!

Being at the Aspire house enabled me to take the first steps from living in a care home, where the support is constant, to being in my own home where I could be fully independent. Living in my own property gave me control. It's such a huge step from having carers around you 24/7.

Since leaving the Aspire house I have moved into my own home.  For anyone who is in a similar situation as myself, I would recommend them to Aspire. The Housing team was so helpful when I needed them; getting in touch is very straight forward and they're efficient in getting back to you.

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