I found out about Aspire Channel Swim last year when I started to swim at the Aspire Leisure Centre.  I decided to take on the challenge to help raise money for people with spinal cord injuries. Swimming has always been a hobby of mine and I also wanted to challenge myself!  

Swimming is very enjoyable and a great sport.  I've been swimming since I was a baby and used to take classes every week for over 10 years. I recently returned to swimming and now swim quite regularly, once or twice a week. I find swimming really relaxing as I'm able to block out all my worries and focus on one activity.

My main reason for swimming is for health and wellbeing.  I’m hoping the Aspire Channel Swim will help me build up my stamina and improve my speed. When my body is tired I find it difficult to go long distances, so this challenge will help me push myself. I also often find it hard to maintain a good swimming rhythm. 

For me, fundraising is very rewarding!  For this challenge I have asked my friends, family and colleagues to sponsor me.

It means a lot to me to be supporting spinal injured people.  When I first joined the Aspire Leisure Centre I saw the NHS workers in the pool helping people with spinal cord injuries swim and it was very heartwarming to see. I really like its inclusivity of both disabled and non-disabled people.

A huge thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far and to the staff at Aspire Leisure Centre for the wonderful work they do. 

Sponsor Juliette

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