I sustained my injury on 22nd March 2017. I was a serving Metropolitan Police Officer attending an awards ceremony, where I received a Commander’s Commendation for work I had done as a Public Liaison Officer during the Brexit marches of 2016. I had just left New Scotland Yard with a couple of colleagues when I was hit by the terrorist who drove onto the pavement on Westminster bridge and was paralysed by a spinal cord injury.

Kris Aves sitting in his wheelchair

The injury had a tremendous impact on my life. Everything had to change, from not being able to work as a police officer anymore and helping keep London safe, to the everyday struggle of getting washed and dressed. My house had to be completely adapted to include a wet room, a lift so I could get up and down from my bedroom, doors widened and a new kitchen with adjustable heights.

I also take daily medication to assist with severe nerve pain and spasms and I am no longer able to do certain things that I enjoyed before I was paralysed, such as kicking a football with my kids.

I have two children, who were aged six and four when I was injured, but their mother and I separated a couple of years after the incident. After being single for a year I decided to get back into dating and I have been with my girlfriend now for just over a year.

The terrorist attack and my injury impacted on those around me as well, mainly my children, who were so young. We kept the real reason for my injury and how and why it happened from them until they were a little older and could understand.  With my parents, sisters and friends it brought us all closer together.  I couldn't believe how much love there was for me, even from old colleagues and  my old school teachers, so many people reached out.

Kris playing golf

Before I was injured my sporting passions were watching Tottenham Hotspur and playing a round of golf. Luckily I have been able to keep these passions in my life; I have a wheelchair season ticket at Tottenham and I am able to play golf again using the Paragolfer. I really got into Disability Golf and I was given the opportunity to play for Team Europe in the 2022 Cairns Cup, a disability Ryder Cup style golf tournament. In 2024 I have the further honour of being Vice Captain for this event which will be held in USA.

I have recently taken up swimming, as I now have a hydrotherapy swim spa in my garden, which allows me to do my rehabilitation and try to keep fit.

I would like to mention that none of the above is cheap and to assist with it all I had a personal injury claim that was expertly managed by Aspire Law. I was so lucky to have them in my corner.

As you can imagine, a life-changing injury like this hugely impacts on anyone. I am so lucky to have great support around me from family and friends but also every day I try to look forward and not back. Through blogs, inspirational talks and social media I try to reach out to those affected - whatever their injury – and let them know that there are people, like Aspire, who want to help, whether that be financially or emotionally.

Living with Spinal Cord Injury

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