I first took part in the Aspire Channel Swim in 2006 just before I had a very bad motorcycle accident. As well as my injuries, which included a severely broken leg, broken arm and a collapsed lung, I also dissected my left carotid artery resulting in a major stroke. I lost my speech and was paralysed down my right side.

The doctors said I recovered so well because I was fit. I had just finished my Aspire Channel Swim - doing swimming marathons of three miles each session - the week before. I have made a very good recovery and swimming was a major factor in this.

I swim four times a week at Yearsley pool in York.  I enjoy swimming because it relaxes me and helps me get fit but I haven’t swum using just my arms before and I get cramps in the leg affected by my stroke. 

I signed up to swim again this year because I want to raise funds for people who have been paralysed by a spinal cord injury, especially through motorcycle accidents.  So far I have raised over £750 through Facebook and word of mouth. 

Sponsor Michael

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