I’ve done the Aspire Channel Swim almost every year since 2001 and always look forward to it. It’s an excellent way of keeping fit in all weathers and helping those with spinal injuries at the same time. It’s also very flexible, as I can swim in different pools when I’m travelling. I’m motivated to swim regularly when I’m supporting such a good cause. 

Moira pretending to dive into the swimming pool

The challenge first appealed to me because I really enjoy swimming and liked the idea of ‘swimming the Channel’ over a period of 12 weeks. The first time, I wasn’t sure I could manage 22 miles, so aimed for half the distance, but managed to complete the whole distance and have done ever since. I find it perfectly manageable and, during the pandemic, managed to complete the distance in about three weeks in a private pool, as I wasn’t comfortable using public pools at that time. That was a real challenge, but I was very happy to continue with the swim despite the problems associated with Covid. 

Moira swimming outdoors in Tallinn

I’ve signed up again this year as I again wanted to support Aspire and to keep fit and mobile. I swim at Harpenden Leisure Centre and various private pools when I’m travelling. I find swimming very refreshing, excellent exercise, I feel relaxed afterwards and usually sleep better too.

As the Aspire Channel Swim is a regular event, it encourages me to swim regularly for three months and then it seems natural to keep up the good routine and continue swimming regularly for the rest of the year. This exercise definitely helps me to keep fit and healthy. 

In order to avoid over exercising my thighs, which can cause discomfort at times, I’ve been motivated to learn a new stroke - front crawl - so that I can change up my strokes. I found front crawl difficult to start with, but now really enjoy it and it gives me a good work out. For those taking on the Aspire Channel Swim for the first time this year, I say ‘go for it’ and enjoy it! Don’t worry if you can’t complete the whole distance, but give it ‘your best shot’ and you might surprise yourself. 

Moira standing by the swimming pool wrapped in a towel

I find fundraising using a JustGiving page very easy and this year I’ve already raised over £400 for Aspire. Spinal injuries can happen to anybody at any time in their life, so it gives me great pleasure to support this excellent cause whilst doing something I love at the same time.  Aspire is a wonderful charity and I appreciate the support I get whilst taking part in the swim each year. 

Sponsor Moira

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