I’m 13, and I think my friends would probably describe me as energetic, friendly and cheeky.

I am hoping to do swimming or wheelchair racing at the 2012 Paralympics in London. At the moment I am concentrating on choosing between them, and then I can really train properly. I love all sports. I play basketball and have won lots of medals at the Stoke Mandeville games. And I’ve done the London mini marathon three times, and lots of other wheelchair events too. Sometimes people stop me in the street to congratulate me, usually because they have seen a story about me winning in the local newspaper. Their interest really encourages me to keep up with my sports.

They tell me they like my wheels, but i want a Lamborghini

When I was six and a half years old, I was hit by a car when I was crossing the road. I don’t remember anything about it. I thought that afterwards I would not have a life like other children and I was sad. After my accident in Kenya, my family encouraged me not to lose hope. After that I started to work towards being independent. It was hard at first. I was in a lot of pain and used not to sleep at night, especially when it became severe and I went through a period where I thought life was not worth it, but now I am happy. With my family’s support, I have learned to cope. 

Boy in wheelchair in a classroom at school

My mum used to have to carry me, but sometime after my accident people made a collection to buy me a wheelchair. After that life started to become easier. A few years ago my parents and I came to England and I went to a special school. Everyone was really kind and I made some friends, but now I go to a regular secondary school and I really enjoy learning. I especially like maths and anything that’s challenging; it keeps me alive. I don’t have problems with people at school; they open doors for me and they tell me they like my wheels.

When I am grown up, I hope to have a Lamborghini, a black or red one with a spoiler and 20 inch alloy wheels. My only advice to anyone with a spinal cord injury is please don’t give up. Keep on trying and you will get what you want. Don’t think negative thoughts.