If you are a current social housing tenant it is important you DO NOT relinquish your tenancy, even if you are aware that your home will be inaccessible to you.

A community OT can assess your home and what your accessibility needs are. This will be a specialised assessment which will form the basis of any potential adaptations. Your Social Landlord will determine if the property can be adapted or if it is more beneficial to find you an alternate, more suitable, property. If the property cannot be adapted your Housing Association (or Local Authority if your property is council owned) will discuss options with you. Your Housing Association will likely look for an accessible property for you within their own stock. However, it is important that they also refer you to the Local Authority for re-housing, so you are considered for all available accessible properties in your area. If your property is owned by the Council then you should be registered for by them for re-housing.

If you are not confident that your Housing Association has referred you, then please speak to your Local Authority housing department directly. They may attempt to refer you back to your Housing Association so please explain to them your current situation and lack of an accessible property and that you wish to be placed on the housing register for re-housing. 

If you are confused as to whether your property is Housing Association owned or Local Authority/Council owned then please refer to your rent payments. Your Landlord will be whomever you pay rent to.