You may qualify for an extra bedroom if your household includes a disabled adult, child or non-dependant who needs overnight care from a non-resident carer or group of carers. The rules in relation to people who need overnight care specify that you must have been assessed by Social Services or CHC as needed 24hour care. If you have not been assessed as needing 24hour care, then the council cannot consider you for an extra room.

The following are entitled to one bedroom:

  • A couple
  • A single adult
  • A child over the age of 16
  • 2 children of the same sex under the age of 16
  • 2 children of either sex under the age of 10

Extra rooms:

The number of bedrooms a household needs can be increased by one in certain circumstances. The rules in this area are complicated and you may need to take advice on your individual situation, this can include the following;

  • An adult couple who are unable to share a room because of a disability
  • A child who would be expected to share a bedroom but cannot share because of their disability
  • A foster carer