When your application has been assessed they should inform you in writing of the decision, which should include confirmation of property size (1,2 bedroom etc.) your level of priority either by banding (e.g. Band A,B,C /1,2,3 or similar) or points allocation (e.g. 150 points) and your accessible property level (e.g. level 1-fully accessible). Please ensure all of this is in order and they have correctly assessed your application. If you disagree with their decision, then the letter should also contain advice on how to appeal the decision or how to advise them of any inconsistencies.

Please note, sometimes your medical questionnaire will be assessed separately to your application. If your banding, bedroom entitlement or level of need looks incorrect, check if the letter states the medical questionnaire is being assessed separately. If it does then this may not be your final banding and will be updated once your medical questionnaire has been assessed. If you are in any doubt or are unsure if they have received your medical questionnaire contact your housing team to clarify this and ensure they are assessing your information correctly.