If you are waiting for adaptations and are confused about what is happening/not happening it is important to establish what has been done so far to see where your case is presently.

When your home requires adaptations, you will be referred for an assessment from an Occupational Therapist (OT) the OT will assess what it is you need to access your home. You will then be referred for a means test to establish if you meet the criteria for a DFG. Once this has been agreed and the costs have been established plans will be drawn up for approval. Then works can begin.

If you have not had an OT assessment on your property then it in important to contact your local Adult Social Care team to ensure that you are on the waiting list for this.

If the OT has completed an assessment but you have heard nothing since, contact your OT to advise them of this and ask where the delay is.

If you have been contacted by the team responsible for authorising the DFG (e.g. if you have had a means test conducted or a technical assessment by an officer or surveyor) then contact them directly about what the hold up is and what the next steps are.