All candidates are committed to introducing measures to tackle disability hate crime: 

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrats, will develop an “effective strategy” which “must involve the voices of disabled people” in its preparation.

Sadiq Khan, Labour Party, will ensure that the Metropolitan Police will adopt a “zero tolerence” approach to hate crime and are given the resources to deal with it.

Sian Berry, Green Party, will involve “all” communities in the process of prioritising officer time and the way they go about investigating hate crime and commits to making it easier for third parties to report hate crimes.  She will also work with Disabled People’s Organisations to raise awareness of the issue. 

Zac Goldsmith, Conservative Party, will build on Inclusion London’s “Disability Hate Crime Matters” initiative to ensure that those Met Officers dealing with hate crime have all the training they need to “properly identify and report disability hate crime.” He also commits to running a major campaign to ensure that “less abled” Londoners are aware of their rights.

If you'd like to find out more about the candidates and read their manifestos, click the links below:

Zac Goldsmith, Conservative Party

Sadiq Khan, Labour Party

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrats

Sian Berry, Green Party

If you are a Mayoral candidate and would like to tell us more about what you are offering the 1.2 million disabled Londoners, we’d be very happy to hear from you and share it with our readers and followers.  Email our Policy Manager Andy Shipley

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