When you are first injured, particularly if you are likely to be in hospital for some time, you might be thinking about your home and the cost of continuing to rent it when you won’t be using it. For those that are aware it may not even be suitable for them long-term, the urge to give up the tenancy can be great. However, whether renting privately or through social housing, it is very important that you do not relinquish your tenancy as this can cause problems at a later date.

If you are concerned about paying your rent or mortgage, Aspire’s Welfare Benefits and Money Matters services might be able to help.

Our full Housing Frequently Asked Questions page contains lots of information and guidance that may help you understand your situation and will be there for you when you are ready to look at your options, including whether your home will be suitable. If you are transferred to a Spinal Injury Centre, you will also have a dedicated Case Manager who will talk you through your housing options.

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