On Monday 12th August, Team Neptune became Aspire's 50th Relay Channel Swim team to successfully swim from England to France. The six swimmers were all from Leicester Neptune Swimming Club and are one of our youngest ever teams, with five teenagers aged 14 to 19.  

Setting off at 8.45am, they reached France just 10 hours and 59 minutes later.  They are also Aspire's second fastest relay swim; only the Pelicans in 2013 have swum an Aspire Relay Channel faster.  The Neptunes and Pelicans are also the only two Aspire teams to have swum the Channel in under 11 hours. 

Team Neptune swimming to France

Andrew Ogierman, Aspire's Challenge Events Manager, says, "As we celebrate the 10th anniversary year of Relay Channel swimming at Aspire we are delighted that Team Neptune have become our 50th successful CSPF relay. A huge thank you to the skills of all the pilots who have safely taken our swim teams to France and many congratulations to the swimmers whose hard work has helped fulfil their swim dreams whilst shaping the lives of people with Spinal Cord Injury through the funds they have raised."Team Neptune in Dover

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