A debut novel by a South Oxfordshire author tells the story of the Holocaust of disabled children in Germany in the Second World War.

Download the ebook for free from Amazon on 2nd and 3rd December to celebrate the 2018 International Day for Persons with Disabilities.

A Quiet Genocide was released in eBook and paperback on 22 August from Amsterdam Publishers, which is passionate about Holocaust survivors sharing their message with future generations. Its author is Glenn Bryant, 42, whose wife Juliet has a spinal cord injury following a car accident and is paralysed from the waist down.

Photo of the author Glenn Bryant

A Quiet Genocide is based on the experience of between an estimated 5,000 - 25,000 disabled children who were killed by the state in Germany from 1939-45 because they did not fit the National Socialist mould for a master race.

Glenn said: “During my research I found that there was very little on record about disabled Holocaust victims. Then I came across how disabled children were killed and the tactics the state used. I was appalled and wanted to find out as much as I could.”

Parents gave consent to the state to care for their children in institutions while the war was still on. But the Nazi Party lied to and pressured parents, reassuring them that children would return home safely once the war was over. It was a fiction.

Children were experimented upon and slowly starved to death – or killed. False certificates informed parents of concocted death details, completing the deception.

“How did parents live with what happened?” Glenn said. “How did they ever begin to forgive themselves - or each other? Those questions and fundamental moral dilemmas moved me so much that I quickly began writing. A Quiet Genocide is the final result.”

A Quiet Genocide is available to order now on Amazon

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