We have just launched an online shop, through which you are now able to buy a selection of clothes, tote bags and beanie hats in a variety of colours, for both adults and children.  You can also choose whether to buy items with the Aspire or Aspire Channel Swim logos on. 

Check out the Aspire branded clothes

Check out the Aspire Channel Swim branded clothes

Aspire navy t shirtAspire Channel Swim grey hoodie Aspire tote bagAspire pink beanie hat Aspire Channel Swim white t-shirtAspire Channel Swim pink t-shirt Aspire Channel Swim navy hat  Aspire pink vest tshirtGrey hoodie Aspire Channel Swim tote bag  Aspire beanie hats

Buy Aspire branded clothes at www.totalclothingshop.co.uk/aspire/branded-clothing

Buy Aspire Channel Swim branded cothes at www.totalclothingshop.co.uk/aspire/channel-swim