Aspire has entered into an Alternative Business Structure (ABS) with Moore Blatch solicitors, a firm renowned for its personal injury work, to create a new legal firm, Aspire Law. 

Pictured: Damian Horan, Legal Director for Aspire Law and Brian Carlin, CEO of Aspire

The new firm will be dedicated to providing a specialist service to people with spinal cord injuries. Under the new joint venture, Aspire will receive 50% of the profits of the business to reinvest back into the charitable work it does, providing continued and sustained benefit to those with Spinal Cord Injury.

These funds will be used to support and expand existing projects like the Aspire Housing Programme, which provide accessible accommodation to patients being discharged from hospital who would otherwise have nowhere suitable to live, and the Charity’s grant giving scheme that helps spinally injured people afford essential, specialist equipment. As well as this, funds will also support new projects which the charity may be planning.

Brian Carlin, Chief Executive of Aspire, comments: “We are really excited about the new business and the opportunities and benefits it will bring to people with spinal cord injuries. The income generated from this venture will lead to substantial support for other spinal injured people, who aren’t in a position to receive compensation claims, but can benefit from many of the services which we operate and will develop in the future.”

Unlike many other providers, the business is dedicated solely to Spinal Cord Injury work and, as well as using lawyers with a strong track record for securing the best compensation for clients, it will also benefit from Aspire’s considerable knowledge of providing services for spinally injured people. The result will be a service that will tackle every issue arising from Spinal Cord Injury including; housing, education, care and rehabilitation, as well as emotional and family support.

Both organisations have worked closely together to combine their knowledge and experience in Spinal Cord Injury to create a new Social Enterprise Model, which places clients’ needs and requirements at the centre of the work and ensures that Aspire Law delivers a highly personalised service.

Damian Horan, Legal Director for Aspire Law, comments: “Before agreeing on the structure of the business, considerable research was completed into client experiences, expectations and concerns around legal claims resulting from spinal injuries. The feedback received was incredibly valuable and this information directly influenced the final business model.

“We believe Aspire Law will provide genuine competition within the market, as the business uses an innovative solution that combines strong legal expertise with charitable values and puts the needs of those with Spinal Cord Injury above all else.”

Aspire Law will also make no deduction of fees from the compensation awarded to clients, allowing clients to keep 100% of their award, and enabling them to move on and live an independent life.

Research carried out prior to Aspire Law’s formation indicated that as well as getting the right level of compensation, there were a number of wider issues relating to spinal cord  injuries which had a considerable impact on clients’ quality of life that needed to be addressed. Clients also requested more face-to-face support and greater levels of integration with wider support services. Aspire Law will use the combined expertise of its founding partners to ensure that all claims recognise the bigger picture, achieving optimum and timely settlements whilst working in a way that most benefits clients.

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