This week saw our first Loch Lomond swim take place.  The relay team, of six swimmers who took it in turns to swim for 30 minutes each, was made up of five Aspire swimmers who had previously taken part in an Aspire Relay Channel Swim – Marc, Alaine and Emma from Team Barracuda, Laura from the Sea Wolves and Nick from the Tiger Fish – some of whom also swam Loch Ness last year.  In addition, Hannah flew in from Toronto to be part of the team. 

Loch Lomond relay team on the boat

The team successfully completed the swim, not wearing wetsuits, in 12 hours 19 minutes in calm and sunny conditions with the water temperature almost entirely above 17½ degrees.

Andrew Ogierman, Aspire’s Events Manager, said, “As the leading charity for open water swimming, it is great to be able to add to the list of the outdoor swims Aspire offers.  We’d like to congratulate the inaugural Loch Lomond team and hope to have many more teams swim this beautiful Scottish loch in the future.”

Relay team at the end of their Loch Lomond swim

If you would like to find out more about swimming Loch Lomond, please email [email protected].

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