Although many aspects of our lives have changed during the current Covid-19 shut down, many of the services offered by Aspire have continued.

One of those services is Aspire’s Money Matters which helps those affected by Spinal Cord Injury to make the most of their day-to-day money and, where needed, give guidance to help individuals take control of any debt worries they may have.

Despite the close down of the normal office workplace, a move to remote working has helped the service continue uninterrupted since April allowing Money Matters to help 21 people with a wide range of financial matters in that time.

Phil Kelly, Aspire’s Money Matters Specialist, tells us how the working practices have adapted to make sure there is still full access to the service for those who need it.

“Technology has been the key.  Aspire took immediate steps to allow staff who could work from home to do so, giving access to the tools needed to do the job. The weekly team meetings which were office based are now conducted online which has kept everyone involved and gives an understanding of how the crisis impacts on the various services we offer.

“Regarding Money Matters the normal wide range of topics continues to be covered, from day-to-day budget planning, Council Tax reductions, savings on utilities to State Pension forecasts and  saving tips.  It really is business as usual for the Money Matters telephone service so don’t hesitate to call on 020 8420 8960 for an informal chat or for more information go to our Money Matters webpage.”


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