Aspire has launched a new Money Matters service offering free, impartial and confidential telephone advice to people with Spinal Cord Injury who are concerned about their debts and day-to-day budgeting needs.

Spinal Cord Injury is a life-changing event. People’s financial circumstances often change dramatically, with loss of earnings, increased spending on equipment and lifestyle adjustments regularly coming at a time when they are also trying to navigate the benefits system. Over half of the applicants to our Grants Programme last year were in debt, with an average debt level of over £10,000.

The step by step Money Matters process is designed to help individuals take back control of their finances in an informed and reassuring way.

The personalised service includes a full financial assessment, budget planning, filling out forms, negotiating with creditors and ongoing support.

Find out more or call 020 8420 8960 to speak with our Money Matters Specialist.

With many thanks to Frenkel Topping for their support that has made this service possible.

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