Virtual Reality is a rapidly developing technology offering new and exciting opportunities for entertainment, education, and work. However, many VR devices require full mobility of the user’s hands to operate, meaning that for some people using them is challenging. 

Our project aims to address this problem by first understanding how exactly the performance of freehand virtual reality interactions (such as grabbing and manipulating objects in VR) is affected in people with mild to moderate upper limb motor impairments. This will be a 60 minute in-person study and participants will perform a range of freehand gesture tasks in virtual reality, followed by an interview about the experience. You will be reimbursed £20 for your time and up to £30 in travel expenses to the University of Bath, where the study will take place.

Participation is entirely voluntary, and the eligibility criteria are as follows:
-    Aged 16 or over
-    Mild to moderate upper limb motor impairment
-    No cognitive impairment
-    Normal or corrected-to-normal vision
-    Fluent in English

Prior to participation, you will need to complete a screening questionnaire for your safety, and we will conduct an initial screening call via Microsoft Teams to ensure eligibility and that the study is appropriate for you. For more information and to request to take part, please either sign up using the below link or contact the researcher Lauren Pococke via [email protected].

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