Isabella spent a lot of time at Stanmore Spinal Centre and the Aspire Leisure Centre over the past couple of years. Her cousin Harry was only 20 years old when he was paralysed by a spinal cord injury during a university rugby match. He instantly lost feeling below his diaphragm with no leg, tricep or hand function.

After a few months of initial care at St Georges hospital Harry was transferred to Stanmore for specialist spinal rehabilitation. Isabella and the rest of the family surrounded Harry during his rehabilitation and watched him develop from newly injured to who he is today – living back home, training with the London Wheelchair Rugby club and learning to drive.

As well as encouraging his active lifestyle, Aspire helped Harry with Welfare Benefits Advice to help Harry and his family adjust to his new financial situation. Isabella says: “Harry's Mum still praises the work that Aspire do, and how they continue to help the family.”

Isabella says: “Harry’s spinal cord injury has been life changing for him but the true dedication to grabbing life by the horns and playing wheelchair rugby is something that I will always be so proud of! For me, that will be what gets me past that finish line.”

Isabella has been training three times a week with her Dad who has ran it a few times and says “there’s nothing like the atmosphere at the Marathon!”

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