I love a good challenge, and to make the most of opportunities that come my family’s way.  As a horse rider, I was invited to do a charity flat race at Newmarket in 2014, and after been told by someone that I couldn't do it, becaus I wasn’t a good enough rider, I of course accepted the challenge.  I trained hard, gained sponsorship and had probably the best day of my life. I was very fit, so went on to do a charity marathon and then a charity ultra whilst my fitness was high.

Unfortunately, I then had an accident whilst jumping. My horse got brought down by the jump and cut all of her chest open. I fell off, landed on my chin and did a forward roll facing outwards. I knew I had injured my spinal cord; I couldn’t feel or move my arms. I was out with my children, the youngest ran over shouting “Mummy Mummy are you dead?”

I’ve been so exceptionally lucky. Fast forward I just have minimal pins and needles in one hand, I drop things occasionally and have times when I’m clumsy with my balance. My arm strength is back and I live a completely ‘normal’ life.

Victoria being led on her horse

When I was fit enough I started running again, being very fearful that I would trip, then I started riding again. Starting cycling was hard especially with drop handlebars. I did a couple of sprint triathlons, the three peak challenge, then 15 milers in the peak district in readiness for the Welsh SAS Fan Dance which I completed 30 seconds within the time.

I now feel fit enough to help a charity and know that I wasn’t going to be a liability. Spurred on by my daughter getting a ballot place in the London Marathon I got in touch with Aspire, the only charity that I wanted to run for. I had previously been a physio at the London Marathon and it has always been a dream to take part.

Training has been okay, although I injured my knee skiing last January which niggled a lot during September and November.  I horse ride and go to the gym and hope I have a reasonable fitness level. I’m always trying to encourage my clients to be as active as possible. I also farm, so did have to have three weeks off training as I was far too busy with my 300 sheep. This has made tapering a strange concept!

Victoria holding a sheep     Victoria with sheep

Doing the marathon training has really brought to mind how lucky I was.  I am really looking forward to race day, just being a part of it, watching and feeling everyone’s excitement; the hope at the beginning and the relief and pride at the end. Watching the friendships and comradely through the gruelling distance.

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