Aspire hosted the 2016 Assistive Technology Training Conference on the 25th & 26th October at the accessible Portland College in Mansfield, aimed at healthcare professionals and Aspire’s Assistive Technology Volunteers, who work with individuals with a spinal cord injury.  The annual training conference provides an opportunity for attendees to get to grips with a variety of access options for computers, tablets, phones and other mobile technology through hands on workshops, hear about latest developments as well as network and share learning with colleagues from across the different spinal centres, general hospitals and specialist disability centres across the UK.

Delegates testing out computer technology

This year, participants were able to trial eye tracking technology, head mouse options as well as find out more about different mounting solutions and integrated wheelchair controls. Attendees were also introduced to newer types of technology for Android phones as well as regional funding options for their different client groups.

One Occupational Therapist who attended said: "It's exciting to hear all that is possible with the right technology for people with Spinal Cord Injury. It was a very helpful and thought provoking conference."