In 2006, Aspire began to deliver a programme of assistive computer technology assessments and training at Spinal Injury Centres across the UK.

Patients with spinal cord injuries can be in hospital for a considerable length of time and having access to a computer, tablet or phone during this period is invaluable. The Aspire facilities in the Spinal Injury Centres make use of head controlled mice, voice recognition software and other technology that gives every patient the chance to email friends and family, keep in control of their banking, and do all those other tasks that make technology invaluable to us all. The specialist equipment means that anyone, regardless of the level of their injury, can independently use a computer, tablet or phone.

To ensure that the patients get the most out of the equipment, Aspire staff are on hand in five of the Centres to teach them how to use it. And for those on bed-rest, our mobile computer units can even come to the patient, meaning that no one misses out.

Assistive Technology

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