What is Assistive Technology?

High level spinal cord injuires can restrict the use of your arms and hands, and often standard equipment is difficult to use.  Our Assistive Technology Facilities include a range of devices and software packages that enable anyone, regardless of their level of injury, to use a computer independently.  We regularly research and test new technologies, such as tablet computers, gaming controls and smartphones, so we are able to offer advice in these areas too.

Where are your Centres?

We have facilities in most of the Spinal Injury Centres in the UK and Ireland.  They are usually based in the Occupational Therapy department and we also have mobile units on the wards so we can come to you if you are unable to get to us. 

How do I know which equipment I will need?

The Occupational Therapists will work with our volunteer trainers to find the best solution for you.  Your needs may change over time and we will continue to work with you to find the best option.

Can I use this equipment at home?

All the equipment that we provide is available to purchase so you can replicate the system you use in hospital when you get home or back to work.  If you need financial help to purchase the equipment you can apply to Aspire Grants for assistance.  Just ask your Occupational Therapist for more information or speak to an Independent Living Advisor

I’ve never used a computer before but now I need one. Can you help?

Yes.  Once we have determined what type of equipment or software you need, we will teach you the basics of computing.  Once you are familiar with the use of technology, you can then take further courses at college, in the community or online.

Can I use my own laptop on the wards?

Yes.  Most wards have WiFi Broadband; others require you to sign up to mobile broadband with your mobile carrier.

Can I use your technology with my own laptop?

Yes, you can in some cases.  Speak to an Aspire Assistive Technology Volunteer or Independent Living Advisor for more information.

Assistive Technology

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