“I gave birth to my little boy in October and in a moment of complete madness, but with a lot of determination, I signed up for my second Cardiff Half Marathon. I wanted to do it to give myself a goal and something to work towards as well as raising money for a charity close to my heart. 

“My Auntie Paula has a spinal cord injury and was helped by Aspire during her rehabilitation. Prior to her accident she was a long distance runner and was my inspiration to run the Cardiff Half Marathon the first time.  She ran the London Marathon for six consecutive years before sustaining her injury in a road accident.

“Less than a year after the accident she was back at the London Marathon start line – this time in a wheelchair. She is the first woman EVER to compete in the London Marathon as a runner and a wheelchair athlete. She was so strong after her accident and her determination to compete again stemmed from Aspire’s help.”

-Paula speaking at our Manchester Sports Quiz Dinner in 2013

Amy’s training

“I started off my training as anyone else would – on my own. Then I joined the Pembrokeshire Harriers Athletics Club and it was the best thing I could have done! The support has been amazing and my progress has really stepped up a notch.  I have taken part in a few events with the club and even finished in 3rd place in my category at the Pembrokeshire Half Marathon.

 “To anyone who is thinking about running a half or full marathon - do it! I have met so many people along the way who couldn't even run a mile six months ago but are now taking on 10K races and half marathons. The feeling of achievement when you step over the finish line is amazing! I can't wait to be stood at the start line with all the other runners. I have fingers and toes crossed for a dry day!”

Amy raised £177 for Aspire and finished in 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Amy ready for the Cardiff Marathon

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