I ran the London Marathon in 2022, receiving a very rare and coveted ballot place, despite not having run much further than 10km at that time!   I then ran two more marathons in 2023 so London 2024 will be my fourth marathon in just 18 months!

I thought I’d be hanging up my marathon shoes for a while after the Amsterdam Marathon in October 2023, but my husband Steve is the chairman and head coach of London Wheelchair Rugby Club (LWRC), which has a close relationship with Aspire. One Monday he came home from the Aspire Leisure Centre after rugby training and mentioned they were looking for runners to take on the London Marathon to raise funds, and it felt like an opportunity to do something for a charity that has given many of our friends and Steve’s teammates support and guidance over the years.

Christy running

I was a very sporadic runner until 2022, going out for the occasional plod, but when I decided to run my first marathon in 2022, I got myself a running coach and ever since I have run 4-5 times per week, raced several half marathons and 3 full marathons.  I still consider myself a distinctly average distance runner, but it has introduced me to a whole new world of supportive fellow runners. The community that running has introduced me to has been by far the best part of beginning to run regularly.  My experience of the running community has been that finishing times don’t matter, everyone is celebrated with the same enthusiasm - whether that’s a 6 hour marathon or sub 3 hour marathon.  Having that camaraderie and support has been such a wonderful surprise, and what keeps me coming back for more.

Christy running

My training is going really well so far.  As this is my fourth marathon training cycle, I’ve got a good feel for what works and how to keep myself healthy and injury free.  Alongside my training runs set by my coach, I also do strength training, Pilates and yoga.  There’s no denying it is very tiring and time consuming, especially alongside running my own business and having a husband with a high level spinal cord injury, but that is what makes the challenge so worth it in the end.  Alongside the physical aspects, I also make sure I’m getting lots of good quality sleep, and plenty of good food to keep me fuelled.

I cannot wait to run the London Marathon this year! When I ran in 2022, it was my first marathon and I was so incredibly nervous and overwhelmed by the whole prospect of 26.2 miles.  This year, I cannot wait to soak up all the amazing support, enjoy the landmarks, support my fellow runners and take in every moment.  

I moved to London from Australia in 2009, and one of the first things I did was go to watch the London Marathon with some friends. Going to watch and support clients and friends running or pushing the marathon over the years sparked my own desire to be on that course - and there really is no time quite as special in London as Marathon day!

Running for Aspire

My husband Steve sustained a spinal cord injury (C6 complete) in 1996.  We met through LWRC, who train at the Aspire Leisure Centre in Stanmore in 2009. 

I have seen so many of our friends and Steve’s teammates benefit from what Aspire does for people with spinal cord injuries and their families - from providing help and support with housing, to educational courses to improve employment prospects, to advice on benefits and funding. 

Many people are aware of charities that aim to find a cure for Spinal Cord Injury, and this is of course important.  However, Aspire is on the ground and providing vital support for those already affected and needing to find a way to continue to live fulfilling and well-supported lives with their ‘new normal’.  While we wait for that breakthrough in research, we can’t forget the 2,500 people every year that sustain a spinal cord injury and need help right now to get on with their lives. I’m hoping as well as raising vital funds, I am also raising awareness of what Aspire does.

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So far, I’m halfway to my minimum target - but as always, I am aiming high and hoping to raise as much as possible by 21st April.  I am raising money through a mix of good old-fashioned begging, sharing my journey on Instagram and raiding the cupboards for spare change (and asking others to the same!).  I’ve found that as soon as people know I am training for another marathon, they really want to sponsor my efforts - so I’m a marathon bore and tell everyone all the time about my training!  As a Pilates teacher, I am running some charity Pilates classes to help raise some funds.  This has worked really well in the past, and people have been so generous with their donations.  Using your skills and providing a service is a good way of getting people to donate as they also receive something out of the donation.

My greatest hope is that alongside raising much needed funds to help Aspire continue their incredible work, I also continue to raise awareness of the work Aspire does.  Someone is paralysed by a spinal cord injury every 4 hours - it is indiscriminate and can happen to any of us.  Aspire helps to make sure no-one has to face their new reality alone, and hopefully all of us running the marathon for Aspire this year can spread that message far and wide.  

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