I always knew that I'd get my dad back.  I knew things might be different, that we might not be able to do everything together that we used to, but I just said to myself, 'everything will be alright'.

I was playing on the Wii in the front room with my uncle when we heard the ladder fall.  We went outside and I saw dad lying on the floor.  I just wanted it to be a dream, I wanted it not to have happened.  The next day, we went to see him in hospital and mum and dad explained that he was in the best place, that he had to be in hospital for a while.  I was a bit nervous because I had never been in a hospital before, and I didn't know what to say or what to expect.  But we talked and, although I was sad that dad might not walk again, I just knew that it would all be fine.

At school, things just carried on.  My friends treated me exactly the same - some were a bit curious, but no one laughed at me or made a big thing out of it.  And I did all the same things I've always done, only sometimes after school we'd go to see dad.  One weekend we stayed at a hotel so dad could stay with us and we were all there together.  If I wanted to know things, mum and dad told me and let me know that it would all be OK.

Ethan and Chris in the swimming pool

We do everything that we used to, really, as what we enjoyed doing together before his accident is still fun now. 

When dad came home, we sat together and played on the Wii. We still sit on the trampoline and chat, although we don't bounce on it like we used to as that might hurt his back more.  And we still go swimming - we used to mess around in the water more than we do now, and I have to remember that dad gets more tired now, but it's not that different really as we're still swimming together.  It makes me a bit sad for dad but it doesn't bother me.  I am more cautious when I get on a ladder too!

If my friend's dad had the same accident, I'd tell them not to be upset, not to worry about what other people might say and that everything will be fine.  I'd just tell my friend not to push them too much when they first come out of hospital as they might be tired.  You have to let them get their strength back a bit and don't make them do things that they can't manage.  I still have to remember that dad needs a bit more rest so even though I'd like my friends to come round and play until late, I wouldn't do that as it wouldn't be right for him.  I can still go and play at my friends' houses so it's not a problem anyway.

My dad had an accident. But I soon got my dad back.

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