Nick and Chloe

Nick and Chloe discovered that Spinal Cord Injury put a lot of pressure on their family.Read more

Roger, Pam and Jackie

Jackie's ability to smile through everything has helped the family.Read more

Jacqui and Ashleigh

When Ashleigh struggled after her injury, Jacqui took the decision to take her out of school.Read more

Matthew and Dave

Matthew and Dave lost touch for over 20 years after Dave was injured whilst on holiday.Read more

Neil and Iain

Father and son, Neil and Iain, have learned to support each other in different ways after Iain sustained a spinal cord injury.Read more

Sarah and Terry

Sarah and Terry are hoping to start ticking things off their bucket list.Read more

Rob and Jan

After Rob's partner Jan was discharged from hospital, he realised that he needed help too.Read more

Rebekah and Glenn

Rebekah was determined that Glenn's spinal cord injury wouldn't stop them from becoming parents.Read more

Pamela and Jennifer

Pamela encourages her daughter Jennifer to go out and try new things.Read more

Lynn and Jan

Things are different now for Lynn and Jan after a car accident left Jan paralysed.Read more

John and Matthew

John was devastated when his grandson Matthew sustained his injury, but now they are closer than ever.Read more

Jane and Ben

After Jane learned her son, Ben, would never walk again as the result of a motorbike accident, she was determined to help him become independent again.Read more

Jakki and Justin

Jakki looks for the positives in life after her son Justin was paralysed.Read more

Heather and Alastair

Heather and Alastair's relationship is now stronger than ever.Read more

Gerry and Mags

Gerry found it difficult getting used to having strangers in the house to help care for his wife Mags.Read more

Gayle and Callum

Gayle's son Callum wasn't diagnosed as having a spinal cord injury until he was 10 years old.Read more

Fohzia and Ghulam

When Fohzia's father was paralysed, it impacted the whole family.Read more

Ethan and Chris

When Ethan's dad fell off a ladder and injured his spine, Ethan knew things might be different but he always knew he'd get his dad back.Read more

Andrew and Sam

Andrew felt powerless when older brother Sam sustained a spinal cord injury.Read more