Aspire’s Money Matters service offers free and impartial guidance for those affected by Spinal Cord Injury and we were able to carry on providing this service throughout the pandemic.

Our Money Matters Specialist Philip says, “In many ways, the areas in which people need help has not changed and of course the Covid restrictions meant people had fewer opportunities to spend money.  However, people also found they had time to look at their incomings and outgoings, to identify commitments that may no longer be needed and shop around for better deals for their utilities and mobile phone contracts etc.”

Kay and her partner wanted to close a bank account that was not being used, but because the account had a £600 overdraft balance, this had to be cleared first.  Philip says, “Without any spare savings to do this we came up with a plan to look at Kay’s current outgoings and reduce any spending that wasn’t essential and use this for monthly payments to reduce the overdraft balance. Having a plan with a clear objective was the big step we took and the monthly payment to clear the overdraft was like paying any other bill.  As the overdraft balance has been reducing so too has the interest payable on it, so they are saving money from that as well.”

If you would like some free, impartial guidance on effective budgeting, keeping control of your finances or becoming debt free, call our Money Matters Specialist on 020 8420 8960.

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