When Callum left hospital he went to live with his girlfriend in her mother's house, where he had to live in the lounge.  The bathroom wasn't accessible, so he had no access to a shower or normal bathroom which put him under incredible strain.  Callum and his girlfriend then split up which complicated things even further as they had a young child together.  Callum had nowhere to go so he had no option but to keep living there.

They contacted Aspire, originally to find out if they had temporary accommodation available, but there were no vacancies in their area so they spoke to Aspire's Housing Case Manager, Laura Hagan.  Callum's aunt Jane says, "We were given some great advice that really helped us to understand our options and we got Callum onto the council's housing list.  Now he has got his own accessible bungalow which is absolutely perfect for him and a complete turnaround from where he was.  It's only 10 minutes away from me, which is a bonus, and 10 minutes away from his son who has just turned three.  He recently held his son's birthday party at his bungalow which was the happy ending we've all been dreaming of.  Aspire completely exceeded our expectations and Callum is finally independent because of them."

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