There's nothing I like more than a challenge so wing walking was the perfect combination of scaring the life out of me but also feeling a rush of excitement and an adrenaline pump. I've had a fear of falling since watching a Hollyoaks episode as a young teen where they cut the ropes of a parachute causing someone to plummet to their death. I've been working on overcoming this fear by experiencing as many air activities as possible so a wing walk was next on the list.

Hannah on top of the plane on the ground

In 2016 a friend booked me onto a skydive experience in Chile whilst we were teaching in Santiago and since then, I've never looked back. I took to the skies again in 2019 to fly a small aircraft over the Isle of Wight and, three years on, thought it was about time to get on a plane again to wing walk.

Hannah on top of the plane on the ground

I completed my wing walk with the AeroSuperBatics Wingwalkers team at RFC Rendcomb Airfield, Cirencester. This airfield holds incredible significance in our history due to aviators such as Lt. William Leefe Robinson VC, who in September 1916, was first to shoot down a German Zeppelin, and Keith Park, who commanded 11 Fighter Group during the Battle of Britain.  Wing walking doesn't require any specific training. However, you have to be able to climb to the top of the aircraft unaided which is quite a pull up, and, if you want to fly through the sky with your arms out wide, you require quite a lot of arm strength. I've definitely been feeling the aches in my arms, chest and back since going up!

It was the most insane but incredible experience ever!  

Hannah on top of the plane wing walking in the sky

You were supported through the whole process with safety briefings from both the professional wing walkers and the pilot, and they instructed on every detail of the experience including the equipment, the flight duration and intensity and the after effects. I was able to choose a thrilling ride with lots of dips and dives and high speeds of up to 140mph. I screamed with joy the entire time! I have really cool video footage and pictures from 360 degree and GoPro cameras on the wings of the plane to relive the experience over and over again from the comfort of land. I'd highly recommend to anyone looking for an adrenaline rush!

Hannah on top of the plane wing walking in the sky

I have supported Aspire since 2018, I signed up to swim the Solent after seeing how a spinal cord injury affected a family friend. I chose the Solent swim because I have always been an avid swimmer, spending many hours at my local pool and during my teenage years training to become a lifeguard. The water has always had an element of freedom and will always be my happy place. The Solent swim was an incredible experience where I met so many amazing people who work for the charity which opened my eyes to all the work that Aspire does for those living with spinal cord injuries.  Through fundraising at the secondary school I taught at, I met the wonderful Paula Craig who gave an assembly on her journey from injury to independence and how Aspire has supported her. Her resilience, positive attitude and achievements are admirable and have remained with me to this day which is why I chose Aspire to fundraise for again. 

Aspire is a fantastic charity that I will continue to support over the years to come. The staff are friendly and super helpful and the success stories because of Aspire's knowledge, guidance and support are truly inspiring. It is heart-warming to know that there are people to turn to when you're experiencing a difficult period of your life coping with a spinal cord injury.

My fundraising is going well but I still hope for more donations of the coming weeks now that I have completed the wing walk and have video and photographic evidence!

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