Kevin sustained a T6 complete spinal cord injury after falling of a mountain in 1989 and believes in the importance of leading an active and healthy life.

My injury totally changed my life, as I had to learn to live with the majority of my body being paralysed.  I also had to learn how to move about using a wheelchair and deal with the physical barriers and challenges I faced, as well as those thrown at disabled people by society.

Kevin on his bike

I became an Aspire Independent Living Advisor because I think I dealt with moving on after my injury quite well.  I wanted to help newly injured people to deal with these challenges and to have the knowledge and determination to live full and independent lives.  When you see someone with a spinal cord injury who has returned home getting on with their life and coping and achieving their ambitions, it’s nice to think I might have played a small part in making this possible.

I believe that leading an active and heathy life can help with the independence of someone with a spinal cord injury.  

I go to the gym twice a week and in summer I play tennis three times a week and in the local league. 

Kevin playing tennis

In winter I switch to table tennis and play for three or four teams in different local leagues. I also have a handcycle and, although this has electric assist, I find it still gives me a bit of a work out. 

Kevin playing table tennis

At home I also do some gardening (sometimes reluctantly!) but I think this is an undervalued pastime in keeping folks fit and active.

Kevin at the beach

Garden at ground level using a wheelchair

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