Harry is running the London Marathon for Aspire, despite declaring himself retired from running after taking part in the 2014 London Marathon, when he was injured at the 17 mile marker and had to hobble the last nine miles. This year, Harry has a score to settle!

"Running the London Marathon this year will be very different to running it in 2014. Back then, I did not enjoy the day at all. This year I am going into it with a different attitude and plan to enjoy the sights and the atmosphere of my home town."

Harry enjoys a personal challenge as this makes him continue with his training. Although it has been five years since he took part in his last marathon, Harry’s training has gone well. He has had a few niggling knee injuries but still managed to run the Hillingdon Half Marathon, the Berkhamsted Half and the Milton Keynes Half as part of his training.

Harry running as part of his training for the London Marathon

Harry decided to run for Aspire because he has worked at the Aspire Leisure Centre during school holidays helping with their Kidz Zone Holiday Camps which he says, “allowed me to see the great work that Aspire does.”

Although Harry doesn’t personally know anyone who has sustained a spinal cord injury, being a rugby fan he has seen how an injury can dramatically change someone’s lives and the lives of those around them.

"For me it is an absolute honour to run the London Marathon in an Aspire vest and I am thankful to the charity for giving me the opportunity to run the marathon whilst raising money for a great cause.”

Harry’s fundraising has gone well, and he has passed his target of £2,000. As well as receiving donations, he arranged a few events at some primary schools.

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