Exactly a year ago I had a fall and fractured my back, so I didn't think I'd ever be able to enjoy my walks again. I had to sell my car, foster my dog out and move to a ground floor flat where I can't even see the Hills, so I became very depressed.

I took on my challenge as something to aim for after 11 months of pain and misery. I have always loved walking, especially on our beautiful Malvern Hills; there are so many routes and the nature is breathtaking. 

Marilyn and friends with fundraising sign

This year, on 3rd August, the anniversary of my accident, I was determined to walk from the Wyche Cutting to the Worcestershire Beacon, which is 425 meters (1394 feet) high - it wasn't the distance that was important, it was the steepness, as going uphill causes me more pain than on the flat. It took just over an hour to reach the summit, but the views were worth ever minute of pain and puff! My two daughters, Penny and Heather, plus several people from my church and two dogs supported me every step and we were all thrilled that we reached the Beacon.

Marilyn and friends walking uphill

I had walked the length of the Malvern Hills (about nine miles) for a local charity several years ago, but because of the nature of my injury I wanted to help those who had suffered even worse, and searching for a charity, I chose Aspire as the obvious choice.

Marilyn at the top of the Worcestershire Beacon

I very much appreciate all the support I received from family and friends, not just for the walk, but they never gave up on me as I struggled to cope for so long. Heather compiled the JustGiving page for me, and Penny made a sign and collected cash in a bucket from other walkers on the Hills.

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