Running the London Marathon has always be an aspiration of mine, although not necessarily one that I thought I might be able to achieve.  But two years ago during Lent, in an effort to take on something new rather than just give something up, I decided to run more conscientiously.  And now I can’t stop!

Matt in his Aspire running top

Last year my New Year’s resolution was to raise money for charity and so, with my new enthusiasm for running, I did four half marathons for four different charities.  This will be the first time I’ve run a marathon and I’m thrilled that London will be my first. I am also hopeful it’s not my last as I very much like the idea of ticking a few more off over that distance.

I like running because I’m in love with the feeling I get after a run - the feeling of achievement. I very much enjoy the focus of training and planning a programme to support my training towards an event.  

As I have never run further than a half marathon, I am testing myself physically, almost to the unknown. Running the London Marathon is an incredible undertaking for anyone, particularly balancing training with all our family life and work commitments. My training was curtailed a little by a heel injury in December. However, I have now just about caught up with my plan so I think it’s going well. Positive self-talk is essential for me as, like many runners, the first fifteen minutes of the run can be something to overcome psychologically.

Matthew running

I have been delighted with those very kind supporters who have helped raise funds for my previous running events.  Healthcare charities have always been my focus for fundraising because I am a Physiotherapist at Ipswich Town Football Club.  Before I worked in football, I worked at Addenbrooke’s in Cambridge. As a trauma centre, we would support patients with acute spinal cord injury.  I remember a patient who had a spinal cord injury.  He was a young man of similar age to myself and that rather had an effect on me, making me appreciate how fortunate I was. 

It made me realise that a spinal injury is overwhelming for both the patient and their family and friends and that the various types of support needed are provided by Aspire.  I therefore feel privileged to be taking a charity place for Aspire and am determined to raise as much money as I can to helping a charity which makes such a huge difference in supporting families.

My fundraising is going steadily and I’m hoping that more funds will come in as the event gets closer.  People have been very generous towards both me and my efforts and more importantly towards the charity that I’m running for. I am hugely grateful to many of the players and staff at Ipswich Town Football Club who have been great supporters.

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