Funding from trusts and foundations has had a huge impact on our work. Whether high value, or smaller one-off grants for an individual’s equipment, the funding we receive from trusts and foundations is vital to our growth.

Our current funding priorities:

Aspire Grants waiting list
Aspire Grants assists with the selection and purchase of specialist equipment such as computer assistive technology; hand cycles/hand bikes, emotion power wheels and lightweight wheelchairs. All equipment that we part-fund aims to develop new confidence, reduce isolation, increase independence and improve quality of life. On average we have 30 people on our waiting list who need essential equipment to be able to lead an independent life.

Please see below for an idea of how you could make an impact with a one-off donation:

£150 will pay for voice-recognition software so that someone with a high level injury can use a computer without use of their hands.

£750 will pay for a computer with assistive technology so that someone with a high level injury can use a computer independently.

£1,000 will provide a rise and fall sink or hob in one of our Aspire houses so that a wheelchair user can access them.

£4,000 will pay for a made-to-measure wheelchair giving someone their independence back.

£10,000 will pay for the annual training costs for our 11 Independent Living Advisors who work in Spinal Injury Centres across the UK providing guidance and advice to newly injured patients. They are on hand to share their knowledge and experience as well as answer any questions that patients may have such as “how do I go on holiday again?” and “what is it like returning to work after a lengthy time in hospital?”

£25,000 will pay for the fixtures and fittings needed to make an Aspire House fully accessible and ready for someone to live in temporarily whilst they are waiting for adaptations to be made to their own house or are looking for more suitable accommodation.

To find out more information about how your trust could support Aspire’s work email Shirley or call her on 07741 150985.

Trusts and foundations