Every four hours someone is paralysed by Spinal Cord Injury in the UK. It can happen to anyone at any time and no one is prepared for how it will change their life. With the support of trusts and foundations we continue to grow and expand our essential practical services to help people paralysed by Spinal Cord Injury move from injury to independence.

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In the past year:

  • We awarded £116,000 worth of grants, with 94% of recipients stating the equipment has had a positive impact on their life.
  • Our Independent Living Advisors met with around half of all those who were newly injured.
  • Our Benefits Advisor supported 181 people with Spinal Cord Injury and helped individuals claim in excess of £85,000.
  • 90% of people who were trained by our Assistive Technology volunteers in 2015 found training useful, and 70% felt the training contributed to their independence.

To hear more about our achievements last year take a look at our impact reports.

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Our 2020 goals

We have ambitious aims between now and 2020. Our strategy is currently in action and we are helping more people, in more ways, than ever before.

By 2020:

  • We aim to have a minimum of 100 accessible properties for our housing service.
  • We will be awarding at least £250,000 in grants per year.
  • Our Assistive Technology programme will have a community-led service available in the majority of the UK.
  • Our Independent Living programme will have piloted family counsellors and launched research in to services for older people.

To achieve these goals we need to raise on average £1.6 million per year.

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