Aspire has prided itself on being a charity that rarely directly asks its supporters for money.  We have always operated on the principal that we will provide fun and exciting events that our supporters can take part in and raise money for us as part of the adventure. 

But these extraordinary times have seen us unable to put on the very events that are our lifeblood.   This means that we are currently facing a situation in which people with a spinal injury need us more than ever and yet our most crucial funding streams are denied to us.

A spinal injury can mean isolation and that threat is greater now than ever.  At Aspire we are continuing to house spinal cord injured people being discharged from hospital in a temporary home; this will help to free up much needed hospital beds at this critical time.  Our Housing and Welfare Benefits Advice services are working hard to ensure we are supporting as many people as possible through these challenging times.  And our Assistive Technology services are still supporting newly injured patients access technology so they can stay in touch with family and friends at a time when hospitals are no longer permitting visitors.

We can only continue to do these things with your support, so for the first time we are reaching out to our fantastic supporters to ask if you can make a donation so that we can, quite simply, keep our work going.  It's quick and easy through this link:


Every donation you make will help us help someone with an injury who is struggling in these uncertain times.  It will also allow us to get ready to re-launch our fabulous and much loved events when restrictions are lifted.  We would love you to take part in them once again in the Autumn and celebrate the end of this time of restriction.


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