With 33 of this year’s 36 swimmers on the beach this weekend, the serious preparation for our six swims has begun.  Water temperatures of 10.6C in Dover harbour awaited the intrepid group and, although many thought Saturday’s swims of 30 and 35 minutes were a little short, they all looked pleased and relieved when signed out of the water by Emma. 

Later on Saturday, the six teams experienced a coaching/torture session led by Phil and Jill in Dover's beautiful 1960's leisure centre.  At the end of an exhausting set of drills, the Piranha's ended up victorious in the 6x200m relay race, and hopefully shared the fabulous first prize with their vanquished colleagues!

Sunday saw the swimmers return to the beach to be greeted by Suva, the Channel boat that both the Salmon and Piranha teams will be embarking on, and a German film crew.  Dirk Gewert, using his fluent German, managed to get on WRD news on Sunday night extolling the joys of Channel swimming to his home nation.  In 2017, if you cannot find a sun lounger on Dover beach due to a huge influx of German tourists, Dirk will be to blame!  With the added incentive of free jelly babies being dispensed from Suva and being ushered into the water by Paul Parrish in a rather fetching chest harness, the swimmers set off with renewed vigour. 

Two swims later, tired but happy (we hope) the swimmers set off for home, armed with stories and photographs to impress friends and families alike of their heroic exploits.  Role on weekend number two... 

If you're interested in swimming the Channel with Aspire in 2017 click here to email Colin