‘Team Mags’, set up by Gerry and Margaret O’Doherty, raised £1,520 for Aspire by completing the Morrisons Great Newham London 10k run on 19th July.

Margaret suffered a simple fall in December 2013 which resulted in a serious spinal injury. After three months in a London hospital, Margaret started her rehab in Stanmore in North London, which is where she first came in contact with Aspire and both Gerry and Margaret have supported Aspire since.  They previously raised an incredible £2,375 by asking for donations for Aspire rather than presents for their 60th birthdays.

Through her positive mind, amazing determination and lots of hard work in physio, Margaret has made great progress since returning home nine months ago. She is well on the way to achieving her goal of walking before her eight month old grandson Cian does.  Margaret is a huge inspiration to everyone she comes in contact with. 

Margaret always enjoyed her walking and running - having competed in many 10k events in the UK and abroad over the years.  Gerry and Margaret chose the Morrisons Great Newham London 10k run on 17th July because they knew the distance would be a challenge for most and because it offered the unique opportunity for all the runners and walkers to finish a race on the track in the 2012 Olympic Stadium.  Gerry took part in the run but gave himself an extra challenge by carrying a large Aspire/Team Mags banner around the course, so that the team could see where they were during the run.  This also had the added bonus of making them very prominent as they crossed the finish line in the Olympic Stadium – so much so that Gerry was interviewed on the big screen explaining their story and promoting the good work of Aspire.

Olympic Park start line

Gerry said, “Our group walked, jogged and ran the 10k, some faster than others, and then we all regrouped at the 9k point and came into the Stadium together,  'milking' the crowd as best we could! I think it took us a good ten minutes to complete the last 300m as we waved to Mags and friends in the stands, took photos and soaked in the unique atmosphere.

We had a great day, Mags did very well being out all day (leaving home at 7am and returning at 5pm) which was by far her longest day out since her accident eighteen months ago, plus mixing in big crowds for the first time.  It was all a huge challenge for her but she did great.”

Gerry at the finish line

Gerry went on to say that as the day was such a success, Team Mags plans to have a much bigger team taking part in next year’s event.  Entries are now open for the 10k which takes place on Sunday 17th July 2016 www.greatrun.org/great-newham-london-run.  Come and join Team Mags supporting Aspire!

Well done to Team Mags and thank you for your support this year.

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