Earlier this month Lucy Hibberd overcame her fear of heights and flying to skydive for Aspire.  She raised an incredible £3765 – the highest total ever raised by an Aspire skydiver! 

Lucy Hibberd presenting a cheque to Aspires Hannah Wyatt
15 years ago Lucy met a family in Keston and has been friends with them ever since.  She used to babysit the boys and years later taught them both to drive.  The eldest, Harry, worked in their pub for a while before he went off to Uni.  Unfortunately, Harry suffered a horrendous spinal injury in March whilst playing rugby for his university team.  He underwent major surgery and is currently at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore undergoing a lengthy rehabilitation programme.

Lucy said: “Although I am terrified of the thought of Sky Diving, I have been so inspired by Harry's bravery that I wanted to do something.  So I am facing my fear of flying, diving, heights, claustrophobia and everything else to raise money for Aspire and show Harry how proud I am of him.”

Lucy skydiving close up

The amount Lucy raised can pay for a lightweight wheelchair for someone who has been paralysed by a spinal cord injury. 

Aspire would like to thank Lucy and everyone who supported her - family, friends and the customers of the Old Jail and Fox pubs who sponsored her and took part in Race Nights to help Lucy’s cause.

Read more and sponsor Lucy at: https://www.justgiving.com/Lucy-Hibberd/

If you would like to skydive for Aspire, please email [email protected]