What is payroll giving?
Payroll giving is a simple, efficient and flexible scheme, which allows you to donate to Aspire directly from your salary. You can choose the amount you would like to donate each month and it will come out of your pay before you even noticed it was there. The tax man also helps you out with your donation as it will be taken out before tax which means that if you pledge to donate £1 per month it will only cost you 80p (or 60p if you pay the higher rate of tax) and the tax man will make up the difference.

How do I get my boss on board?
Research shows that there are several tangible business benefits to offering payroll giving to employees. It enables you to increase your business' charitable giving with little cost or effort to the employer, and allows you to monitor the level of charitable giving that your company has helped to achieve. Payroll giving is also an excellent way to improve company image and demonstrate social responsibility.

We’d be happy to speak to anyone at your company who is unaware about payroll giving and its benefits. Please call our Fundraising Manager Hannah on 020 8420 6731 or email [email protected].

How do I sign up for payroll giving?
If you are interested in payroll giving please speak to your employer about your interest. They may already be registered with an approved Payroll Giving Agency but if not please get them to sign up here.

Get your company involved