The Access to Work grant assists disabled people who are in paid employment, about to start work, are self-employed or on a certain work placement, by providing practical support and equipment at the work place. The help can pay for:

• specialist equipment
• support worker
• travel when you can’t use public transport
• a communicator at a job interview

Before you contact Access to Work, you will have to make sure your employer is happy to support your Access to Work application.  If you are applying for a new wheelchair or piece of equipment you will also need the following supporting documents:

• If applying for a wheelchair and using the Wheelchair Service voucher, you will need a confirmation letter form the Wheelchair Service
• A Wheelchair Service or GP’s letter confirming that the piece of equipment will meet your needs and is not funded by the NHS.
• Quotes from three different suppliers

In some case, your employee might have to make a have to make a contribution.

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