Steve was a runner before starting to compete in endurance mountain biking. During a race he crashed, falling off his bike and sustaining a spinal cord injury, leaving him paralysed from the chest down.

Steve met David, Aspire’s Independent Living Advisor, the first week he was in the Spinal Injury Centre. He asked Steve about his accident and then told him his own story. It was a soft introduction to Aspire and they were soon meeting weekly for a chat.

I do feel that meeting David has absolutely helped me regain my independence, he is an inspiration.

Knowing that Steve was a keen mountain biker, David researched options to enable him to get back on a bike and found a biking club that was formed to help disabled and non-disabled mountain bikers participate in an integrated sport, using specially designed four wheeled mountain bikes. This has inspired Steve to look into either building or enlarging a track on the Isle of Man, and he has already spoken to the Forestry Commission and local bike clubs to get the ball rolling!

Steve on his bike

Steve says, “I found David incredibly easy to talk to and became friends with him quickly. He helped us to form good relationships with fellow patients, leading group discussions and encouraging us to support each other. Being introduced to people, by David, who have interests in common was a great help. He is obviously very comfortable in his role as Independent Living Advisor and has exceptional knowledge.

"I already had a positive attitude about living with a spinal cord injury, but David demonstrated that he got out and about and still enjoyed his passion for motor racing. It proved to me that I would be able to do those things I wanted.”

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