After my spinal cord injury, I wasn’t able to go back to my flat as it was inaccessible. There aren’t many properties available that are suitable for wheelchair users but after speaking with an Aspire Independent Living Advisor when I was in the Spinal Injury Centre, I was able to move into one of Aspire’s accessible houses when I was discharged.

Getting this place has been the biggest benefit that I have received from anyone, having somewhere like this to live has made all the difference.

Nothing is smooth once you leave hospital. There is always something in front of you, always reasons why you can’t do things. When you have a house like this that is built for a wheelchair user, it gives you a chance to live. 

John in his wheelchair in an Aspire accessible house

Even something simple like making breakfast you have to think about the best way to do. Small things like a bench and sink unit that goes up and down make all the difference. The bathroom has a shower with a seat and a flat smooth floor. The bed goes up and down. This house gives you a chance. 

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