The Disability Discrimination Act was introduced over 21 years ago and yet disabled people still face difficulties whether trying to travel by bus, train or aeroplane.  Just this month, there have been numerous reports in the press: 

These are just some examples of recent stories in the news, but we constantly hear about the issues disabled people have when trying to travel.  The Government has set itself the mission of halving the disability employment gap by 2020, clearly a welcome objective in tune with the Prime Minister’s vision of “a country that works for everyone.”  However, this litany of transport nightmares suffered by disabled travellers exposes a fundamental flaw in the Government’s approach to work and disability.  What these stories reveal is a transport system that simply can’t be relied upon to enable a disabled person to make a door to door journey with any confidence. In their joint Ministerial forward to the consultation “Improving Lives The Work Health and Disability Green Paper”, Jeremy Hunt and Damian Green expressed a desire to “ensure everyone has the opportunity to go as far as their talents will take them.”  

Until the Government includes a truly inclusive accessible transport system in its vision for health and work, and disabled people can set out on any given day, absolutely certain of arriving on time, unflustered and with dignity intact, their talents will sadly not be allowed to take them much beyond the front door.

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