By working directly with spinal cord injured people, we understand the problems and challenges they face. As well as providing practical solutions to these problems, we are able to identify any failings in the statutory services and work to make changes that benefit every one of the 40,000 people in the UK with a spinal cord injury.

What does Aspire Campaigning do?

  • Lobbying Parliament and government to influence public policy, practice and perception.
  • Feeding our expertise and opinions into the campaigns of other organisations.
  • Advising companies who are working with disabled people. 
  • Securing media and public recognition of the issues that spinal injured people face. 

Follow our Policy and Research team's responses to changes in public policy, disability issues in the media and other issues affecting spinal cord injured people.

Read about our research reports into "Wheelchair accessible social housing", "Examining lives in adapted and unadapted homes" and "The impact of housing spinal injured people in care homes."

Read more about the proposed amendment to the Housing and Planning Bill.

Read the Aspire Campaigns blog here. We welcome any comments on the blog posts, either publicly online, or by emailing Andy, Aspire's Policy Manager.

Wheelchair provision
For many people with spinal cord injuries, a wheelchair is a basic need. Having the right wheelchair means not just that someone can get around, but that they can do so independently.


All too often when it comes to leaving a Spinal Cord Injury Centre, people find that suitable housing isn't available. Instead, they can end up staying in hospital longer than necessary, or being discharged to somewhere that simply isn’t appropriate.
Dinner party
Shortfalls in the care system deny spinal injured people an independent life.
Justin and friend
Welfare Benefits
With all the recent changes to the benefits system in the UK, Aspire has been at the forefront in making sure that the views and experiences of people with Spinal Cord Injury are represented to decision makers. 
Aspire CEO Brian Carlin and Mark Harper MP
Reports and consultations
Aspire regularly feeds its expertise to government on a range of issues that affect people with Spinal Cord Injury.

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