A once in a lifetime experience. The Principality of Sealand is an old sea fort, situated in international waters, that proclaimed its independence and became a micro-nation in 1967. This is a truly memorable day. You will be taken by RIB past the port of Felixstowe where you will pass some of the biggest container ships in the world. From there the RIB will speed into the North Sea to Sealand.  Conditions willing, and the humour of the Sealand guards in your favour, you may have the option of being winched up to the Principality of Sealand, where you will have your passport stamped. From there you will swim the gruelling seven miles back to the Suffolk coast. The route will take you through the Felixstowe deep water Channel which in September 2021 hosted the passage of the largest container ship in the world.

Please note: this is an arduous swim and requires extremely good stamina and experience of sea swimming.  It can be completed as a two person relay. At the time of writing it has only been swum successfully as a solo four times. Aspire have worked closely with the Principality to make this swim more accessible to those who want a special swimming adventure.

Swimmer with Sealand in the distance

If you are intersted in taking on this swim please email [email protected]

Richard Royal's Sealand swim

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