I am absolutely disgusted that Philip Hammond, a senior politician holding one of the highest offices in Government, can make such an insulting and unjustifiable comment.

22% of our workforce at Aspire is disabled and I am proud of their successes and remarkable achievements.  We are a strong dynamic charity making a difference to spinal cord injured people's lives and the wider community every day.  This is only achievable through the high productivity from everyone at Aspire.

Aspire Law is a pioneering social enterprise specialist legal practice representing the claims of people who have been paralysed by a spinal cord injury.  20% of our workforce is disabled and yet this multi award winning unique law firm has achieved more in its first three year of operating than anyone in the Legal Profession thought possible.

Our InstructAbility Programme was set up to tackle discrimination by enhancing inclusion across the leisure industry, and is the only initiative that has focused on disabled people’s career progression.  InstructAbility has resulted in over 300 disabled fitness professionals being employed in voluntary and paid positions within hundreds of leisure facilities across the country, delivering 70,000 fitness sessions with disabled clients and raising awareness of disability among staff and other customers.

In my 20 years of working in the charity sector I know that the only limiting factor affecting disabled people is the ignorance and prejudice held by some non-disabled people.  

Brian Carlin, Chief Executive, Aspire


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